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Superbowl Square Fundraiser

Super Bowl 53!

Hi Aztec Baseball parents,

With football playoffs underway, it's time to kickoff our Superbowl Square fundraiser!

We'll be selling Superbowl Squares from now until Fri., Feb. 1st, two days before the big game.  For those of you who have participated in a Superbowl Square before, you know it's a fun and simple way to raise some money while adding some more excitement to gameday!

Our goal this year is that each players family sell at least 10 squares but feel free to overachieve!  If we can reach that, we'll fill six boards and raise $6000 for the baseball program.  Last year we had one family sell over fifty squares so they set the bar!

Selling Superbowl Squares is easy - you simply have to tell people about it, how it works, how they can win and what it's supporting.  You'll be surprised how many of your friends, family and colleagues want to get in on the action!  We've provided a sample email below that you can use to contact your family, friends and colleagues.  Feel free to modify it to fit your needs.  Facebook is also a great way to get the word out.  Don't forget that you can buy squares and win also!

Most of you are probably familiar with how a Superbowl Square works.  For those who aren't:

  • A full Superbowl Square board is ten columns wide by ten rows deep, for a total of 100 individual squares on each board (attached is a sample)

  • Each square on the board costs $20.  Purchasers can buy as many as they like.  We randomly place the purchasers name(s) in squares on the board(s).

  • Once a board is full, and prior to game day, we randomly draw numbers 0-9 for the NFC rows and AFC columns. These numbers represent the last number in the scores of each team.

  • Note: since name and number placement is completely random, there is no need for participants to select specific squares.

  • We'll email out the game sheets prior to game time so you'll know what numbers you have.

  • At the end of each quarter, the last number in the score for each team determines the winning square (Q1-$200, Q2-$200, Q3-$200, Final-$400)

  • It is possible for the same square to win more than once.

Each board generates $2000.  Since this is a fundraiser, we'll distribute $1000 in winnings per board and $1000 goes toward the support of our baseball program.  We'll fill as many boards as we can prior to game day.

Superbowl Squares can be purchased as follows:

  • If you have a VENMO acct., 

    Credit/Debit card, bank transfer

     can be made through the Venmo  link to: 

     Aztec Homerun Club @Aztec-HomerunClub
  • if you have a PayPal acct., 

    Credit/Debit card, bank transfer

     can be made through this link:
  • Checks made out to "Aztec Home Run Club" and delivered to Joe Verdusco or Ken Haas. We'll need the name//email of the purchaser on the Memo line of checks.

Purchases made online will capture the names and emails of the purchasers.  For checks, we'll need the name and email on the memo line.  Names will be entered randomly on the squares and numbers will be drawn randomly once squares are completed.  A sample square is attached.

Have fun and happy selling!

Let us know if you have any questions.  

Go Aztecs!

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Aztec Corn Hole tournament

Congratulations to David Walker and Andy Anderson!

2019 Boras Classic Teams are announced!


Congrats to our Aztecs that signed!


Wyatt, Brian and Daniel sign!

7 Corona students sign to play at the next level!

Congrats boys!


2018- 2019 Aztec Baseball Academy

By Aztec 11/13/2018, 7:30pm MST

Don't Miss Camp!

2018- 2019 Aztec Baseball Academy

       Defense/Hitting/ Team Camp

LOCATION: Corona del Sol High School

TIME: 3:00 - 5:00 pm Monday / Wednesday / Friday (Depending on year in school)

Thursday will be an optional Open Field Day For All.

Schedule…Monday – Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors

Wednesday – Freshman, Sophomores

Thursday – Open Field for All Ages

Friday – Juniors, Seniors

 (Schedule May also change, due to field availability.)

PARTICIPANTS: Any Corona del Sol student, freshman through senior

DATES: November 19 – January 30 (Approximately 20 sessions)

              -Winter Break, MLK Day


COST: $200.00…Fees must be online at   Click on Camps and Clinics, then click on Camps at CDS.

…Return your payment receipt to Coach Webb to be cleared for camp. There is no waiver required this year.



              1.  Individual Defense/ Team Defense

              2.  Hitting Instruction

              3.  Baserunning

              4.  Conditioning


**This baseball camp is intended to help Corona del Sol students improve their baseball skills.  Participation or lack of participation has no bearing on whether they make one of the three teams during the Spring.

Sponsored by 2019 Boras Classic

2019 Boras Classic

Visit Website


Feed My Starving Children

Aztec families, 

Over the last few years Corona Baseball programs has participated in a program wide philanthropy to help give back to the community. We usually have about 60 to 70 players and parents come help stuff boxes that will be provided to schools, orphanages, clinics and feeding programs around the world to deliver hope and break the cycle of poverty. This year we are asking you all to save the date of Tuesday, January 8th. Kim Wright will be sending out a "Sign Up Genius" email to you all, so that you can begin to volunteer for this wonderful event.

See you all on Tuesday!

Feed My Starving Children